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Earthquake Information, Two


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Do We Are  Approaching to the Doom 2012 Year?


Did the movie 2012 had a scientific base? Some  pretended astronomers are saying that on December 21, of the year 2012 it will be an alignment of the gravitational forces of the galaxy and the sun,  that this would exert an additional force on the earth crust triggering a series of devastating earthquakes. Some others are talking about the reversing of the earth magnetic poles due to an unexpected  solar spots activity. Even  if such alignment  occurred, most likely it will influence the earth in a light manner nothing close to the cataclysm depicted on the 2012 movie. However a clear increase trend in seismic activity is being reported  by the USA Geological Survey Service.


Although still too early to trigger any alarm as yet, it would be something to be aware about and would be wise to take the necessary preventive measures just if this trend shows a more aggressive progression. Is possible that future earthquakes could be influenced by the Sun alignment with our  Milky Way Galaxy, but the most important factors could be in our planet such as the melting of trillion of tons ice in the North Pole and Greenland provoked by the global warming. The weight loss is causing a decompression and upward expansion on the north earth crust and as results the repositioning of the tectonic plates, specially The North America, The Pacific, The Cocos, The Nazca and Indo Australian Plates, being the most unstable one the Pacific Plate.


Given the current trend and considering all the factors together, Is probably that we will continue hearing about more and bigger earthquakes from now until the year 2013. We must be prepared to confront any possible scenario, but do not panic that nothing will be even close to the disaster on 2012 movie.


In the near or medium term future California is bracing for a big earthquake called the “Big One”, some scientists calculate that it will have a magnitude between eight and eight and a half  on the Richer scale. This “Big one” concern is so serious that high school students are being instructed to ask their parents to stock a food and water just as precaution. If you live near the beach at low elevation you should consider a quick escape rout or even better, move to highlands to avoid any potential tsunami.  


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