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Product name __________________________                             Prepared by: _______________________           Page _______ of _______   


Process/Project Name: __________________________                              Leader: _____________________________


Responsible: ____________________________                            Start Date _____________  Estimated Finish Time __________

Process  Under Study



What is under study?

Potential Failure Mode



In what ways the inputs can go wrong?  

Potential Failure Effects


What can happen if the input variables are affected?






How severe is the effect ?

Potential Causes



What are the causes that affect the inputs?  





How often this is happening or likely to happen?

Current Controls



What are the current  controls ?





How effective are the failure detection filters ?




Actions Recommended



What actions are the best to resolve the problem ?





Who will be  responsible?

Actions Taken



What action were actually taken, date and details?

Preparation of a composite material for  aircraft winds


*Improper Mix


* Bad quality of  materials  

Cracks on material could result on structure  failure


*Resin dispenser out of calibration








*Expired materials










*Improper preparation  instruction s.

























Calibration control sheet








Visual inspection of expiration dates of materials on process, shelf  and stock





Process control sheet















































Verify twice the calibration procedure using two different calibration equipment






Establish a in/out control record directly into each material box  







Review and update the process instruction sheets to make it fool proof


Production operator and supervisor


Starting date







Production operator and supervisor


Starting date







Manufacturing Engineering


Starting date

The process sheet now call to make two calibrations a day using two different machines




All material boxes and cans were labeled to clearly state  expiration dates





All involved process instructions sheets  were reviewed and updated

Example of a simple FMEA Analysis Table

FMEA: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis




FMEA is for “Failure Mode and Effect Analysis


FMEA methodology was originally developed by the US Military in the late 1940’s as a method to improve the weapons and military systems, to analyze and avoid costly and fatal failures. Due to the simplicity and affectivity it has been almost generally adopted by companies around the world, as failure preventive or corrective  methodology and as a products and services improvement tool.  


This tool is a very useful in the course of designing, improving or finding failure modes on products and services were failures were not evident from the original design or manufacturing process. FMEA focuses on finding the real or potential causes for failures and the effects that these failures can or could induce.


FMEA Types


Many types of  FMEA exist, depending on their specific functional deployment, here are some of them:


1- Design. Involved on design of hardware, equipment and machines

2- Process. Involved on production and assembly

3- System. Involved on universal system functions

4- Services. Involved on Services functions

5- Software. Involved on software function and applications


FMEA Methodology


In General the FMEA analysis method involves these steps in this order:


1- Process, system or service under study definition


2- Potential failure mode analysis


3- Potential failures effects analysis, plus failure severity designation from 0 to 10, being 10     the most severe


4- Potential causes analysis, plus cause and effect occurrence designation from 0 to 10,     being 10 the most frequent


5- Currently used controls, what are the best controls and methods in hand to detect and control     the causes and failures, plus detection ability from 0 to 10,  being 10 the least detectable     failure mode


6- Determination of the RPN or Risk Priority Number = (Severity) X (Occurrence) X (Detection     ability)


7- Action recommended


8- Responsibility designation


9- Action taken, conclusions and recording


10- Reassessment and periodic improvement review


  See FMEA table sample below:

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