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Free Engineering-Tek Magazines and Publications



Why Is so Important to Subscribe to Engineering or Technology Magazines...


Engineering, Technology and Science magazines are the most efficient means to spread technology and science discoveries, even above the Internet, also is the most efficient media to reach a specific targeted professional group. People subscribe to a magazine because they are specifically interested in the kind of themes exposed and because besides the valuable information and articles, leading edge tek and science manufacturers advertise their products and services. Obviously most magazines publishers maintain a presence in the Internet but be aware that not all information is placed on line reserving the most important to subscribers only. It’s hard to believe that many engineers do not take advantage of this classical but still highly effective tool to achieve fresh and updated knowledge, specially when so many are free and excellent.


Most free magazines and white paper articles here are approved for subscribers in USA , Canada, Mexico and for many other countries. Among fields covered by these magazines and white papers are Science, Technology, Manufacturing, Management, Economy, Finances, Defense and more.   














Aeronautics and Aerospace

Aviation Week & Space Technology

Get four FREE TRIAL issues of Aviation Week & Space Technology – The world's leading news weekly for global aviation, aerospace and defense professionals
Military & Aerospace Electronics

Is published exclusively for engineering managers and engineers involved with military and aerospace electronic systems design, development and production.

NASA Tech Briefs

Features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems



Chemical Engineering

Serves chemical engineering professionals in the chemical process industry including manufacturing, engineering, government, academia, financial institutions and others allied to the field serving the global chemical process industry.


Provides news of products and technology solutions for the global chemical processing and manufacturing industries.

(White Paper)

Speed Innovation and Reduce R&D Costs with Scientific Information Management

Ideal for Executives and R&D Managers in the chemicals, materials or manufacturing industries to gain greater visibility into the R&D process to improve productivity, speed innovation and achieve top line growth.




Is the UK's leading business technology publication. It plays a vital role in keeping its readers up-to-date with the trends and issues that will help to make decisions on how to use technology for the benefit of their organizations.

Computer Products

Purchasing & Procurement Short Description: Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Federal Computer Week

Focuses on the business value of technology in government.

A Computer Geek's Smart Productivity Guide

In this free twenty-paged PDF, you will find out the most common productivity mistakes, as well as several applications to improve your touch typing, your time organization, and your global workflow.




Is the most authoritative technical voice in electronic design.

Electronic Design Engineering

Serves the technical information needs of electronic engineers and engineering managers responsible for the design and development of EOEM products and systems.

Electronic Design Europe

Is the authority on emerging technologies for Design Solutions bringing the latest advances, products, & application information for electronic engineers & managers.

Appliance Design

Is devoted to providing solutions for design and engineering teams in the global, commercial, and medical appliance/durable goods industry.



Military & Aerospace Electronics

Is published exclusively for engineering managers and engineers involved with military and aerospace electronic systems design, development and production.

Defense Technology International

Focuses on the critical interplay of programs, policy, funding and operations to provide integrated intelligence and global perspective to defense and government leaders worldwide.

Defense Systems

Provides the most comprehensive, integrated coverage of defense information technology, C4ISR and net-centric warfare.

Defense Electronics  (Formerly RF Design)

Electronics (General)

Electronic Products

Reports on important developments in products and product technology. Its editorial serves as a key information source for electronic engineers and managers who are creating, designing and redefining the future of technology.

EP&T - Electronic Products and Technology

EP&T - Electronic Products and Technology is Canada's market recognized leader for technical information and product news introducing timely new products, application articles and design tutorials. All areas of electronics are covered in the editorial content and the information is combined with regional reports, industry trends, distributor and representative news and news on environmental compliance concerns.


Industrial, Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing Growth Study

Strategies for Recovery and Renewal in 2010 and Beyond Industrial & Manufacturing. Find out what manufacturing strategies and investments you should be planning to capture more business opportunities.

Processing & Control News Europe

Covers every aspect of process engineering including process and plant design, plant operation & quality control, maintenance, energy and more.


Information Technologies

Information Week technology

From product reviews to real-world case studies, Information Week has the technology field covered. That's why more than 440,000 savvy IT and business professionals count on Information Week for reporting and analysis.


Is the industry leader for strategic technology information, delivers breaking news, technology evaluations and strategic analysis covering the technologies, platforms and trends important to enterprise-wide computing.

Information Management

It provides editorial covering strategic solutions for business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing and CRM across all major industries. Editorial provides both business and technology perspectives regarding issues, trends and solutions of interest to corporate executives and IT managers.


Management and Administration

Lab Manager Magazine

Helps provide a forum and a framework to help lab professionals hire and supervise staff, establish a laboratory, and plan a coherent research program, while keeping the goals of good science and scientific discovery at the forefront.

Don't Leave Your Business at Risk

Discover best practices for protecting your business data. The time is right for a clear assessment of your risks and address them.


Mechanical Engineering

Power Transmission Engineering

Reaches consumers of power transmission products with feature articles that focus on a particular theme and often include in-depth interviews with industry leaders. Subjects related to designing, maintaining and upgrading power transmission and motion control systems, as well as the latest in research and development from component manufacturers are also covered.

Plumbing & Mechanical

Features field-covered, illustrated case histories, and in-depth news stories for the plumbing-hydronic-heating-piping trades contractor.

Engineered Systems Engineering

Provides smart, sustainable solutions for mechanical engineering projects. Whether it's a renovation or new construction, ES delivers new ideas to help your commercial, institutional, industrial, and government buildings achieve LEED and Energy Star certification. Written by engineers for engineers.

HPAC Engineering Construction

The magazine of mechanical systems engineering, is a forum for peer-to-peer communication among engineering professionals in the buildings and construction industries.



Power Engineering International

PEI is the leading magazine for the global electric power generation and transmission industry. PEI provides articles on new technologies and installations as well as market reports, news, commentary and analysis.
Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production

Promotes the case for modern, clean and efficient localized power production.

Powergrid International

Edge and now covering equipment from inside the power plant control room to devices inside the home. This is in addition to covering the entire transmission and distribution system and reporting on advancements in SCADA, distribution automation, substation automation, automatic meter reading and geographic information system technologies.

Covers business and technology for the global generation industry. Published since 1882 and read by managers and engineers, POWER is the oldest and most trusted source of information in the energy industry. Coverage includes boilers and combustion systems, environmental management; instrumentation, controls, computers, and software; information technologies; natural gas, oil, coal, and renewable fuels; nuclear power; pumps, compressors, valves, and piping; turbines, engines, and generators; water treatment.



NASA Tech Briefs  

Features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems.


Radio Frequency, Microwaves and Wireless Communications

Microwaves & RF

Provides concisely written articles on RF and microwave technology and applications for design engineers and engineering managers working from approximately 10 MHz through millimeter-wave frequencies and optical wavelengths in both analog and digital areas

Microwave Journal

Provides design, application and product information about devices, components, subsystems and system technology, as well as theory, practical uses, applications and industry news.

Microwave Product Digest

Microwave Product Digest is the premier new product magazine devoted to information on components, equipment and subsystems for the RF, microwave and wireless industries.

Microwave Engineering Europe

Is the leading journal for microwave and RF engineering professionals in Europe.

Defense Electronics  (Formerly RF Design)

Wireless Design & Development Telecom & Wireless

Is the leading product and information resource for decision-making wireless design engineering and technology professionals. Readers are design engineers, R&D, and IS/IT managers in the communications systems/equipment, consumer electronics, cellular and Internet industries. WDD is published 6 times a year (February, April, June, August, October and December) and is available in print or digital format.






Please click on the index below to review magazines in that category, to review the full line of available magazines, white papers and technical articles visit the magazines portal here.