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PV Solar Panels Construction, Considerations part three, Connections Two



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The connection between cells are done using tabbing wire, the connections in parallel handling most of the current and power are made using bus wire, which is similar to the tabbing wire but is wider and thicker to handle more current. Be sure to calculate the current panel generated and select the proper current handling bus wires.  



Framing the Panel

Soldering all the cells to form the electrical panel is only part of the job, now is necessary to frame and mechanically secure the panel to protect it from the outside world and the weather.

They are many types of frames designs, a generic one will be presented here, remarking the main points to be taken in account.   



























The layers shown in the above picture are typical components of a solar panel, also known as photo voltaic panel or PV panel for short.


Tempered Glass Cover

Is the outside protection of the cells facing the sun it keep the dust and weather elements outside the module, while letting the light entering the cells, tempered glass must be used that withstand the handling during transportation, installation and small object drops like small branches during storms or high speed winds. Recently other resin based materials are being used in increasing quantities because of their lower cost and lightness, however select with care one with minimum sun light opacity and high durability again the destructive UV radiation.


EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

This is a transparent  thermoplastic material used to encapsulate the solar cell layer, normally this encapsulation process is made with a vacuum machine to seal the cells from the exterior elements, and to expel all the humidity and air that could degrade  the cells with time.   


Solar Cells

This is the layer with all the cells and wires connections that make the reason for the panel to exist.


EPE Insulation

This is a laminate material used to insulate and space critical areas below the solar cells layer


PV Back Sheet

This is a laminated material specially formulated to protect the PV from the elements and UV rays, many variations suitable for different type of PV modules exit in the market, be sure to select the proper one for your module.



The frame is the structure that holds all the parts together, it can be made of aluminum or with a UV resistant plastic or resin, the frame can be glued or screwed. The frame must be seal with a UV resistant glue or silicon compound to keep the weather elements outside.   


Junction Box

The junction box is a plastic box with connectors specially designed to connect the bus wire from the cells to the power distribution cables, normally it contains also the rectifier diode.



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Typical Layers Structure of a Solar Panel

Tempered Glass


Solar Cells

EPE Insulation


PV Back Sheet


Junction Box