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The Seven Causes of Waste


The Seven Causes of Waste:


Lean manufacturing has defined seven causes of waste, all companies have experienced one or more of the waste types described below.


Companies that fail to control such wastes are companies that sooner or later will be out of business. Control of the “seven wastes” is a must for any organization or company that is planing to succeed.



1-Overproduction OP:

Overproduction causes consumption of raw materials that otherwise could be used on actually demanded products, OP causes inadequate use of personnel, plus product and material accumulation in the production floor that difficult the manufacturing process and inventories.


2-Unnecessary Inventories:

Results in captive monetary resources that are not producing profit, increases tax liability, make use of valuable storage space that can not be used for other purposes, accumulated not sold inventories are at  high risk of being damaged or rendered obsolete.


3-Unnecessary Transport of Materials or Equipment:

Facilities that do not permit good floor manufacturing layouts, process and other factors can cause unnecessary transport of materials and equipment wasting labor and energy resources

that do not add value to the product.


4-Inadequate or Obsolete Manufacturing Process:

Inadequate, necessary or obsolete manufacturing process causes low productivity and defects prone operation, for example movement of people that do not add value to the product.


5-Defects or bad Quality from Process or Design:

Poorly designed product or lack of good manufacturing instructions or training can causes reworks, waste, bad quality products, customer low rating and products returns.


6-Waiting Time for Materials, Tools or Persons:

This lack of synchronization among all these production elements, during process or sourcing causes delays on production and idle personnel and machinery.


7-Bad Process Design and Layouts:

Causes unnecessary actions or movement of people, tools, materials or equipment.


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